Hi, I'm Carolyn

Strategez for Success was developed out of a passion to help others succeed.

I started a small business many years ago as a single mom of a 7-year-old. Little did I know at the time, it would be the beginning of a journey that would be challenging, at times depressing and very confronting. But I came through it – not because I’m smarter or more qualified than anyone else, but because of perseverance and determination AND a passion for continuous improvement.

This quote for me says it all.


There’s nothing noble in being superior to some other person, true nobility comes from being superior to your previous self. – Hindu Proverb

I started a small business, went commission only selling, became a sales trainer and went into management and finally become a senior executive in the corporate world. I then went back to school to gain a master’s in business administration. Most people do it the other way around. I thought going into the corporate world would be where I would make my mark. After 10 years, I became disillusioned.

What I encountered working for others was poor leadership, poor management and toxic leaders. I witnessed unethical behavior, ego driven colleagues with only their self-interest at heart and extensive bullying in the workplace. 

As a result I saw people struggling.

Struggling professionally, struggling personally and struggling with their business.

I realized, there were three main reasons they were struggling. One they had stopped learning. Two they felt trapped. Three they didn’t have the right boss. guide, coach or mentor in their lives to bring about positive change.​

AND I wanted to change all that.

Sometimes, you just need the right person to lead you to the pathway to success.

In saying that, it must be your journey, your way and in your time frame.

And that’s what we aim to do at Strategez, providing pathways that lead you to what’s right for you. Our time phased programs are designed to help you in a way that transfers real learning, not just providing you with knowledge. Learning that you can tap into anytime, anywhere and bring about positive change.

Everything we do is based on our values of integrity and ethical behavior, building people over profits, being passionate about what we do and constantly innovating to keep it fresh.

If you are looking to.....

    • Grow your small business to the next level
    • Improve the quality of your life personally and professionally
    • Reach your goals now instead of sometime in the future
    • Gain the right skills that make a difference in your life... then

I would be honored to be your guide on your pathway to success.