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I’m Caro…

Unlike most people who go to college, work for someone then start their own business, I did things backwards. I started a small business, went commission only selling, became a sales trainer became a senior executive in the corporate world, then went back to school to gain a master’s in business administration.

I genuinely thought the corporate world would be where I would make my mark only to be disillusioned.

What I encountered working in this space was poor leadership, poor management, toxic leaders and extensive bullying in the workplace. I witnessed unethical behavior, ego driven decision making and colleagues who only had their self-interest at heart. This behavior did not sit with my values. 

As a result, I saw people struggling. Struggling personally, struggling professionally and struggling to grow a business and achieve their goals.

I realized, there were three main reasons they were struggling. One they had stopped learning. Two they felt trapped. Three they didn’t have the right guide, coach or mentor in their lives to bring about the change they wanted.

This quote for me says it all.

There’s nothing noble in being superior to some other person, true nobility comes from being superior to your previous self. – Hindu Proverb

Sometimes, we just need the right person to lead us to the Pathway to Success.

It must be your journey, your way, in your time frame. And that’s what we aim to do at Strategez, providing pathways that meets you wherever you are on your journey. We aim to help lead you to what’s right for you based on our values of integrity and ethical behavior, building people over profits, being passionate about what we do and developing new ideas to help others succeed.

Pathway to Success

If you are looking to:

  • Improve the quality of your life, eliminate self-doubt and grow your confidence levels
  • Achieve your personal and professional goals immediately instead of sometime in the future
  • Lead, manage and grow profitable sales for your small business

I invite you to join me on this journey.

I would be honored to personally be your guide, on your Pathway to Success.