How To Influence Prospects Into Doing Business With You!

If you are an entrepreneur, consultant, coach or a small business operator, there were probably times when a prospect slipped through your fingers and did business with someone else.

You might even feel you could have done things better.

Now You Can......

Pathway to Success

Do You Know Why A Prospect Slips Through Your Fingers?

Most people in business want steady leads with prospects who turn into paying customers. It's what we expect should happen. For many, this is not the case. They not only struggle to make contacts, when they do, they don't understand what to do next.

Knowing what to do comes down to influence.

Many believe influence is about being outgoing and having the gift of the gab. NOT SO! Influencing a prospect is about being able to build trust and rapport. If a prospect doesn't like or trust you, they won't do business with you and you will certainly not be able to influence them into becoming a paying customer.

Once you have built trust and rapport, it's the ability to communicate with them on their level, in their communication style that makes all the difference, both of which you can learn.

Does This Sound Familiar?

How often have you gone into a meeting with a prospect hoping they “see” what great products and services you provide and decide to hire you - but they don't? 

  • You have had a great meeting with a prospect and they still don't hire you?
  • You feel the meeting went well & the prospect didn't see the value in the service you were offering?
  • You spend all this time with a prospect and they walk away saying "I'll think about it?"
  • They ask you to send them something and you just know whatever you send them will end up in the trash.
Caro Landesman

Becoming an NLP practitioner opened my eyes to a new way of influencing and communicating with prospects. It changed my results in business and made me a better leader.

Caro Landesman

Founder of Strategez for Success​

Why Does This Happen?

There are many reasons this might happen.

  • You lacked confidence and the prospect sensed it.
  • You failed to build trust and rapport
  • You didn't understand their social and communication style 
  • Your words, tone of voice and body language were not aligned
  • Something you did or said triggered an emotional response in the prospect
  • You weren't actively listening to what they were saying
  • You didn't ask the right questions that led to their dominant buying motive
  • You failed to make a good first impression
  • You didn't use your expert and referent power to make an impact

Influence Is

Your Pathway To Success!

Pathway to Success

Influencing Prospects

Into Doing Business With You

How To Influence Prospects Into Doing Business With You is an exciting new masterclass that will enhance your influencing skills giving you the edge​.

In this masterclass you will learn how to ......

  • Build your influence through the power of advanced communication skills by identifying your prospects communication style and talking to them in their language. 
  • Ask the right questions in the right order to uncover your prospects dominant buying motive to give you a reason for them to do business with you.
  • Instantly build rapport with prospects using matching and mirroring techniques so they trust you and want to work with you.


How To Influence Prospects Into Doing Business With You Masterclass

A virtual learning program designed to escalate your results so that you can turn prospects into profitable customers.

You will also receive a comprehensive workbook and supporting cheat sheets.

When you enrol you get immediate access to the entire masterclass designed for all learning styles.

Your investment of $247 gives you lifetime access to the masterclass along with updates and special offers on other Pathways to Success!

Most people believe all it takes to convince a prospect into doing business with you is to have a slick presentation, handle objections and close a sale. Not so. People buy from people - not companies AND if they don't like you or trust you,  a prospect won't buy from you even if you do have the best products or services on the market. You cannot influence a person who doesn't trust you. In order for them to trust you, you need to make a great first impression and immediately get into rapport and the way to do this to enhance your communication skills.

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What You Will Learn

Module 1: Advanced Influencing Skills

This is the foundation module to ensure you look at influencing prospects in a way that enhances your professional and business goals.  People do business with people, not companies, and people do not do business with people they do not like.  You will learn how the communication process works, how a prospect processes information and how to identify their communication style through eye patterns to enable you to talk to them in their preferred style.

Module 2: Active Listening

In module two we look at the importance of active listening to get you closer to your prospects WHY. Once you understand their why, you are in a better position to influence them into doing business with you.  Learning to use active listening techniques in all your communications with prospects, you will be able to form that ever important trust  and rapport. When a prospect feels you have listened to them, and more importantly heard them, they are more likely to want to do  business with you.

Happy couple having conversation face to face and looking at each other

Module 3: Questioning Techniques

In module 3 we cover off on the most important questioning techniques. Everyone knows how to ask a question, but not everyone knows how to ask the right questions in the right order to get you closer to your prospects WHY. By gaining an appreciation of where questions fit in the communication process, you will be able to ask targeted questions, and gain the answers you need in order to influence them. By actively listening to their answers,  you will uncover their dominant buying motive and this will give you an advantage in the market place.

Module 4: Building Trust And Rapport

Being able to form rapport with a new prospect is the foundation on which  all business relationships are formed. Hitting it off with others is fantastic, but it doesn't always happen when you meet with a prospect for the first time. If this happens, it becomes hard work and that's the point where most prospects walk away. Learning how to build trust, and do it quickly is essential to get you to the next step with you prospect. This module will show you how.


successful salespeople follow a sales process

Module 5: Power Sources

Module 5 helps you understand different power gradients between you and your prospects. Sometimes when you meet with a prospect, you feel they have all the power which can put you on the back foot. This module will teach you how to leverage your expert and referent power to your advantage. This is not about manipulation, this is about recognizing your own power sources so in any communications you have with a prospect, you come from a position of strength. 

Module 6: Social Styles

Finally in module 6, we cover off on social styles which gives you the tools you need to influence prospective buyers into doing business with you. We take you through the four main social styles in in your workbook will identify your own social style. Learning how to adapt your social style to that of your prospective customer will give you a rock solid foundation to influencing prospects into doing business with you.

Success thinking

Social Styles
Caro Landesman MBA
Masterclass Instructor
Founder of Strategez for Success

About Caro

Hi I'm Caro (short for Carolyn)

I developed Strategez for Success out of a passion for leading others and helping them succeed.

Coming from a small business and corporate background, I was staggered at how many people struggled with their roles and developing new business. That's because they didn't understand the power of influence.

As a Sales Trainer, Dale Carnegie Facilitator, Business Coach and NLP Practitioner, I learned the value of developing advanced communication skills, not only to succeed in a career, also to succeed in business.  

"The best investment you will ever make is an investment in yourself!"


Why is this Masterclass worth it? Because the profit made on influencing one prospect into doing business with you could be worth more than the $247 investment for this masterclass.

With most live training, you forget most of what you learn unless you immediately put it into practice. With this masterclass you can revisit any of the modules anytime because you will have lifetime access.

 You also come away with a  comprehensive workbook reinforcing the concepts which you can refer to anytime in addition to the cheat sheets and audio file. 

As a sales trainer, NLP Practitioner and Beyond Success Coach with 25 years business experience, I stand behind my training and offer a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee. I know if you put in the work you will end up with valuable skills to last you a lifetime. 

If you genuinely believe this course is right for you and you are unhappy for any reason, then you will receive a full money back guarantee.  

Influencing Prospects Made Easy

This masterclass has been designed to take you from prospecting to meeting with the prospect. It gives you advanced communication techniques that are easy to understand and easy to follow. This allows you build trust and rapport immediately allowing you to get to the next step and that is to find your prospects dominant buying motive.

This masterclass is right for you if you want to....

  • Immediately build trust and rapport with new prospects so they feel more at ease talking to you
  • Instantly identify their preferred communication style and communicate with them in a style they relate to
  • Know how to actively listen to build a deeper understanding with your prospect so they will open up to you
  • Ask the right questions in the right order to find your prospects dominant buying motive

After enrolling, you receive your log in details and have immediate access to all the video modules. Plus you can download the workbook, cheat sheets and templates which expand on the concepts.

Work through the modules at your own pace however it is recommended you take them in order. as they each build on the last.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I enrol, do I get access to all the materials

​You certainly do and you might think that's crazy. Because we want you to succeed, and know how life changing these concepts are,  we want you to have full access right away. You can attack the modules at your own pace however I do recommend you do them in order for each module builds on the last.

Can I download all the videos and documents?

You certainly can. You can download all the videos, audios, slides, toolkits and documents - they are all digital. The best thing is, you can take these reminders with you to refresh your memory before you meet with a prospect to ensure you have a successful meeting. You can also download the audio to listen in the car or when out walking to embed the learning.

Do I get lifetime access?

Absolutely. You will also receive all updates and improvements to the course materials as they become available. We believe in continuous improvement and will always keep you informed of all updates as they happen.

Is the course really step by step?

It certainly is which is why we recommend taking the modules in order. Of course like anything, in order for new learning to become a habit, you do have to practice. The material provided in this course is much much more than you could ever receive in live training and because you can tap into it anytime you like, you have the option to revisit any module at anytime to refresh your learning.

Is this course only for beginners?​

Not at all. In my experience, most people in business have gaps in their communication skills, even seasoned pros. Drawing from powerful NLP techniques, these concepts will not only help you influence prospects into doing business with you, you will also build a stronger foundation to enhance your leadership and relationship skills. 

How many hours do I have to invest before getting results?​

The more you put into learning the concepts the more you get out of it. What you will find is once you have gone through all the modules in the masterclass, you are able to go back and revisit the modules that interest you the most. You will also be able to revisit any modules anytime where you need extra help in mastering the concepts. The beauty about this masterclass is you have access to the material forever. 

What if I need help, who do I contact?​

If you have a question about the masterclass or any of the concepts, you can send an email to and we will answer within 24 hours. The reason we say 24 hours is that we have clients in different time-zones all over the world.

Is there really a 100% money back guarantee?

I stand by our training which is supported by over 20 years experience in business. As a business owner, sales trainer, NLP practitioner, Beyond Success Coach, Dale Carnegie facilitator and senior executive in both the private and public sector, I have walked and the walk and can talk the talk. I know what works in the real world and delivers results. So yes. 100% money back guarantee.

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