Caro's Story

Caro’s Story

A number of years ago, I found myself a single mum with a 7 year old. The only qualification I had was as a teacher and there were no jobs at the time (which turned out to be a blessing in disguise.) Then I had an entrepreneurial seizure – I decided to start my own small business.

I began with a vision for the business, I had a very powerful WHY and this is what kept me motivated during those first two years. And yes, there was one other thing, I didn’t know how many small businesses fail. I had faith I would succeed until I read my first book on small business. I learnt 80% of small businesses fail in the first 12 months and of those who survive, another 80% fail within another 3 years.

I discovered I was supposed to have a business plan (gulp), a financial plan (another gulp) and a marketing plan (even bigger gulp).

It struck me I needed to learn more about setting up running a small business. It was then I made a lifetime commitment to learning and teaching others how to succeed in life and business.

Is there anyone so wise as to learn from the experience of others and this is what I committed to. 

If I had read that book on small business BEFORE I started my first business, I would have been overwrought with fear and gone to work for someone else.

I knew I had to change the business model and the first thing I did was consult an accountant. I didn’t need someone to do my books for me – I already found someone to do that, I needed a business mentor, coach, advisor… And this is what I found – the right mentor. As a result, the business thrived. And yes, I ended up with a business plan (albeit a simple one, a financial plan and marketing plan.)

Within six years I sold the business.

Why would I sell a profitable business? Because I achieved all my goals a year after I changed the business model. I didn’t know how to set bigger goals – a lesson that would serve me well in the future.

If you don’t set your goals high enough – the danger is you set them too low and achieve them. Caro

After I sold the business,  I had a passion to help others not make the same mistakes I did in business. I also learnt, that being successful in business has more to do with personal development than pure business theory.

I embarked on a journey of personal and professional development. I became a Dale Carnegie Business Coach and facilitator teaching the most powerful course in effective communication in the world, the famous “Dale Carnegie Course” in Human Relations.

During this period I also learned some invaluable prospecting and sales skills eventually become a sales trainer.

I worked my way up through corporate life, went back to school and gained my MBA and worked in senior management positions on boththe private and public sector.

I also studied Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and became a Beyond Success Coach. I wanted to become the best leader, coach and mentor I could be.

It wasn’t always easy – there were plenty of challenges and obstacles along the way particularly on a personal front. I experienced failures far more than triumphs however, I’m very grateful for those challenges for overcoming those challenges were the best lessons I ever learnt.

I learnt failures should be our teacher, not our undertaker.

And that’s what started this journey for me. With a passion for helping others succeed personally, professional and in business I began to create programs that would help others succeed.

As a leader and manager in both the private and public sector, I found that many employees lacked self-esteem, confidence, communication and influencing skills. Even worse, I found many in leadership positions had no idea how to lead. It was often a case of… “you are a manager now, go manage!” And, often they floundered becasue they had no training and no support.

As a leader, coach and mentor, I wanted to be able to change this, not just for the people who worked for me, for others as well.

I began Strategez for Success for exactly that reason. Creating powerful success strategies to help others succeed so they might improve their world and the world around them.

PassportI sincerely hope you will join me and allow me to guide to journey so that you live life intentionally.

This could genuinely be your Passport to Success!