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Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching? Self-Awareness is at The Core of Success

Sometimes you reach a crossroad in your life not knowing which way to go. It could be you are blind to behaviors known to others and not known to you, this can impede your success.

Life Coaching provides you with the insights and critical feedback you need to hear to succeed. Life coaching uncovers limiting beliefs and the barriers currently holding you back from success. They give you clarity and set you onto an even more successful path for the future. A life coach helps you set personal, professional, and life goals and provides an action plan to achieve your goals.

Think of a Life Coach as a Success and Accountability Coach. They can be the “Rocket Fuel” that leads you to places you wouldn’t go on your own.

What is Business Coaching? Building Momentum To Get Results

When you look at successful entrepreneurs, what is it that sets them apart from others? They are both Confident and Competent. They are highly engaged, know where they are headed, and inspire others to achieve their vision and organizational goals. They have developed a winning mindset.

Get the Edge with the Strategez for Success business coaching model that develops your leadership and management skills giving you the momentum you need to grow your business and become more profitable. Develop a clear vision for the future, define your values and goals is just the beginning. You will come away with three core competencies, self-leadership, self-awareness, and self-management.


Business Coaching

Coaching Entrepreneuers

Entrepreneuer Coaching Grow Your Business - Grow Your Success

Successful entrepreneurs are confident and competent. They are highly engaged, know where they are headed, and inspire others to achieve their vision and organizational goals. They have developed a winning mindset.

The Seven Steps to Entrepreneurial Freedom business coaching model develops leadership and management skills giving you the momentum you need to grow a profitable business.

Success Coaching Developing More Confidence

Sometimes all a person needs is a helping hand up to understand their barriers to success. These specially designed online coaching modules focus on specific areas of your life where you would like to grow and increase your confidence levels.

Life Management means taking an inside-out approach to your life – starting first with yourself. Assertiveness, human relations, and communication follow giving you a giant step up. With these crucial elements in place, it puts you in a strong position to work through any of our other Strategies for Success.



Success Coaching

Does Business Coaching Really Work?

According to Forbes they report that the success of business coaching services is overwhelming with more than 85% of survey respondents reporting the financial benefits far exceeded the investment they made ins hiring a business coach. More than 70% reported a marked improvement in work performance and communication skills. 

One of the most powerful “soft skills” you can develop as a business leader is self-awareness. After working with a business coach additional studies demonstrate business coaching helps you set and achieve SMART goals and develop the confidence to achieve the levels of success you never thought possible.

Coaching is a Partnership and Only Works if:
  • You are willing to learn and grow
  • You are prepared to take immediate action
  • You are committed to the process

Does Life Coaching Really Work?

There are plenty of statistics that prove the effectiveness of life coaching. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) identified the four top benefits of Life Coaching.

80% of clients surveyed said it improved their self-confidence

73% of clients stated coaching improved their relationships

72% of clients improved their communication skills 

70% of clients say that coaching improved their work performance

67% of clients saw a notable improvement in work-life balance

61% of clients improved the management of their business

57% of clients saw improvement in their time management skills

Leading yourself and developing a purpose in life is the foundation upon which you can live the life of your choosing. 

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Caro …. short for Carolyn and founder of Strategez for Success, is an inspirational leader, coach, and motivator. She holds a Master’s in Business Administration, is a Beyond Success Coach, Accredited Sales Trainer, NLP Practitioner, and Author. Strategez for Success was founded to help you achieve your personal, professional, and business goals.

“Having an MBA and worked as a senior executive, I know from experience, qualifications, and experience alone don’t give you the edge in your personal life, professional life, or in business. What gives you the edge is cultivating the traits of self-leadership, self-awareness, and self-management, all characteristics of highly successful people. Combined, these skills empower you to live the future of your dreams.”

Our books and resources are designed to give you all the tools you need to succeed in the areas you choose to focus on.  Our coaching methodology is based on time-phased learning giving you the momentum you need to get the results you want.

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